Instructions for submitting articles to Gripla

Articles should be submitted in a conventional word-processing format (such as Word), with minimal stylistic text-formatting. Authors are requested to follow the reference system outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style (16th rev. ed., University of Chicago Press, 2010, or later editions). Please adopt the so-called Notes-Bibliography System (and not the Author-Date System). The CMS can be found online here: A bibliography/list of references should accompany the article. Please note that in the bibliography, Icelandic authors should be listed alphabetically according to their first names.

Examples of references in the Notes-Bibliography System

1. Book by one author

Jón Jónsson, Bók (Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000), 231.
Sarah Jane Smith, Book (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000), 231.

Jón Jónsson. Bók. Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000.
Smith, Sarah Jane. Book. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000.

If the next reference is to the same source: Ibid., 234.

If there is another reference to the same source later in the article, author’s name (surname only in the case of non-Icelanders), shortened title and page number(s) suffice:
Jón Jónsson, Bók, 235.
Smith, Book, 235.

2. Book by two (or three) authors

Sarah Jane Smith and Douglas McDonald, Book (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000), 231.

Smith, Sarah Jane, and Douglas McDonald. Book. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000.

3. Article in a book

Jóna Jónsdóttir, „Grein,“ Bók, ritstj. Sveinn Sveinsson og Jón Jónsson (Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000) 21-22.
Douglas McDonald, “Article,” Book, eds. Sarah Jane Smith and Julie Christie (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000) 21-22.

Jóna Jónsdóttir. „Grein.“ Bók, ritstj. Sveinn Sveinsson og Jón Jónsson. Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000, 19-37.
McDonald, Douglas. “Article.” Book, ed. by Sarah Jane Smith and Julie Christie. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000, 19-37.

4. Article in a journal

Kristján Hraunfjörð, „Grein,“ Tímaritið 87 (2001): 45.
Julie Christie, “Article,” The Journal 87 (Spring 2001): 45.

Kristján Hraunfjörð. „Grein.“ Tímaritið 87 (2001): 24-48.
Christie, Julie. “Article.” The Journal 87 (Spring 2001): 24-48.