Flýtileiðir á vef Stofnun íslenskra fræða:

General Information

The course is to be held in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Classes take place at the University Campus at Suðurgata.

The course is primarily intended for university students of language and literature, but anyone interested in Icelandic and Icelandic culture is welcome to apply. The applicants' residence must not be in Iceland.

Approximately 35 students can be accepted in the course. They will be taught in two groups on the basis of their previous knowledge of Icelandic. Prerequisite for participation is to have finished the course Icelandic Online 1, (Náttúra 1, Menning 1) which is to be found free of charge on the web.

Language skills will be tested at the time of deadline for application with an online test, the test takes about 1 hour and you have about 10 days to take it.

Video "This simple site was born out of a summer in Iceland at the Sigurdur Nordal Summer Course through the University of Iceland" by Nathan Keegan, university student, 2006.