Nordic names - Names in Nordic countries

Mynd af nafnfræðikápu

The 14th Nordic Congress of Onomastics was held in Borgarnes, Iceland, August 11th-14th 2007. The congress was organized by The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies and The Onomastic Society. Names of natural features, settlement names, urban names, names in contact, names on maps, names of ships, personal names, nicknames, literary names and other onomastic topics connected to the congress theme ,,Nordic names - Names in Nordic countries" were discussed by 62 participants from Denmark, The Faroes, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. This volume contains 44 papers of 47 read at the congress.

With summaries in English or German or Icelandic.
ISSN 0346-6728
ISBN 978-91-7276-083-7