Landmarks of Icelandic Lexicography

The series Landmarks of Icelandic Lexicography is comprised of new editions of older dictionaries that hold a special place in the history of Icelandic lexicography. These works are important sources for Icelandic vocabulary and the history of the Icelandic language.

The dictionaries that have been published in the series:

  1. Orðabók Gunnlaugs Oddssonar (1819) - Dictionary of Gunnlaugur Oddsson
  2. Orðabók Björns Halldórssonar (1814) - Dictionary of Björn Halldórsson
  3. Nucleus Latinitatis (1738)
  4. Orðabók Guðmundar Andréssonar (1683) - Dictionary of Guðmundur Andrésson
  5. Specimen Lexici Runici by Magnús Ólafsson (1650)