The exhibition Blossoming is about Iceland’s 100 years as a sovereign state. On this exhibion guests can find valuable manuscripts, documents and art work that give us an insight to Icelandic culture and self image.

The exhibition title references Halldór Laxness’s novel Independent People and, like that work, the exhibition explores a deep yearning for independence. The exhibition is also about how precious and fragile sovereignty is. During its hundred-year history, the sovereign state of Iceland has faced many adversities with regard to its economic and cultural independence, control over marine resources, nature conservation, and participation and responsibility in international cooperation. Just like a small and hardy flower, sovereignty needs nourishment, and that nourishment includes, amongst other things, exchanging views and sharing the world with other people.

Curator is Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir

Sett inn 12.09.2018
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