Course in Modern Icelandic

Nemendur við Snorralaug í Reykholti.

A Course in Modern Icelandic
University of Minnesota - University of Iceland

The course will not be offered summer 2016

A Journey into the Viking Past
Modern Icelandic is more than just another European language. Icelanders are the only people in the world who can read their medieval literature in the original form. The course in Modern Icelandic offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of the Icelandic Sagas and the Viking culture of the Nordic countries.

The University of Minnesota and the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies  are offering a unique joint course in Modern Icelandic for undergraduate and graduate students in North America.  The six-week course begins at the University of Minnesota for three weeks and then continues at the University of Iceland.  Students who successfully complete the course have the option of continuing instruction in Modern Icelandic in Iceland (for more information, see (  Language classes include instruction in grammar, conversation, and the reading of Modern Icelandic texts.  Lectures on Icelandic culture and society from the Middle Ages to the present also supplement language instruction in both locations.  In Iceland, there will also be excursions to museums and sites of historical and contemporary importance.

Eligibility:  Undergraduates; graduate students; non-students welcome.
Credit:  Six undergraduate semester credits; three graduate semester credits.
Housing:  Dormitories at the University of Minnesota; accommodation provided in Iceland.
Cost: $3700  Includes: tuition, some instructional materials,  round-trip airfare from Minneapolis to Reykjavik, room in Iceland, day trips are included. Some scholarships are available.  The course qualifies for financial aid. Students needing dorm room  in Minneapolis will pay an additional $500, approximately.
Priority deadline:   Space is limited to 15 students. Those interested in the option of continuing summer  instruction in Icelandic at the University of Iceland must have their application in by February 15. Other applications received after this time may be considered for the 6-week program  if there is space available.  No applications will be accepted after March 1.

For information contact: Summer Course in Icelandic, Department of German,Scandinavian & Dutch, 320 Folwell Hall, 9 Pleasant St. SE, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, E-mail: Tel.: 612-625-2080.