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Linguistics and Language Use
Research at the Árni Magnússon Institute of Icelandic Studies includes projects in the fields of language technology, lexicology and language use and onomastics. The Institute also provides advice and guidance on linguistic questions and contributes to increasing knowledge of the Icelandic language and promoting its usage and preservation.
Words, usage and history
The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies has extensive collections of Icelandic vocabulary and proper names. As part of its task of disseminating knowledge of the Icelandic language, the Institute has published printed and online dictionaries. The dictionaries are either monolingual or bilingual, and often published as a joint project with others. The Institute also has extensive text corpora that can be used for language technology research. A variety of databases on Icelandic are also stored and made available here.

Encouraging positive language development
Employees of the Institute provide advice and guidance on neologisms and other linguistic questions by e-mail (e-mail: or by telephone at 525 4430.

Often the answers can be found on the Institute's website, using one of the links below: The web portal provides access at a single location to a number of Icelandic language databases designed for various purposes.
Place names
Institute personnel answer inquiries on place names and names in general. They also provide help and advice to the general public, institutions and enterprises on the collection, cataloguing and preservation of traditional place names and selection of new names, e.g. for streets in new districts. Queries can be sent to the email address or directed to employees of the onomastics department.
The archive of Icelandic Place Names preserves lists of the names on most farmsteads in Iceland. Part of the archive is available in Sarpur, a cultural history database.
Work is underway on digitising the archive and opening a database portal - - to facilitate access to the collection by both scholars and the general public. The Icelandic Research Council RANNÍS recently awarded a grant for the project which began in 2019.
Language Technology
The Institute carries out theoretical and applied projects in the field of human language technology aimed at supporting linguistic research, lexicography and the development of language technology applications. The results of such projects are utilised both inside and outside the Institute. Language technology projects include the vast corpus Risamálheild, a linguistically annotated database compiled from Icelandic texts. The Institute also operates the national office of CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology).