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Preparatory Reading list - advanced level

Driscoll, M. J.: ‘The long and winding road: Manuscript culture in late pre-modern Iceland’, White field, black seeds: Nordic literacy practices in the long nineteenth century, ed. Anna Kuismin & M. J. Driscoll (Helsinki, 2013), pp. 50-63.

Driscoll, M.J. : ‘The words on the page: Thoughts on philology old and new’, Creating the medieval saga: Versions, variability and editorial interpretations of Old Norse sage literature, ed. Judy Quinn and Emily Lethbridge (Odense: 2010), bls. 87–104.

Greetham, D. C.: ‘Criticizing the text: Textual criticism’ and ‘Editing the text: Scholarly editing’, Textual scholarship: An introduction (New York, 1994), pp. 295-346, 347-372.

Hall, Alaric: 'Making stemmas with small samples, and new media approaches to publishing them: Testing the stemma of Konráðs saga keisarasonar' [available electronically here].

Haugen, Odd Einar: ‘The spirit of Lachmann, the spirit of Bédier: Old Norse textual editing in the electronic age’ [paper read at the annual meeting of The Viking Society, University College London, 8 November 2002 [available electronically here].

Nichols, Stephen: ”Why material philology?” Zeitschrift für deutsche Philologie 116 (1997): 10-30.

Springborg, Peter: ‘Antiqvæ Historiæ Lepores – om renæssancen i den islandske håndskriftproduktion i 1600-tallet’, Gardar, VIII (1977), pp. 53-89.

Stefán Karlsson: The localisation and dating of medieval Icelandic manuscripts’, Saga-book, XXV.2 (1999), pp. 138-158.