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Work space at Árnastofnun

Please note!

Applicants are kindly asked to note that during the spring of 2023 we are expecting to move into a new building (more precise timing available later). During this time it will not be possible to guarantee reading room access, and applicants are therefore encouraged to make their own arrangements for reading room elsewhere. Reading room for doctoral students in the new building will be arranged by the University of Iceland and no longer by the institute.



In Árnagarður, there are two reading rooms with desks for up to 23 researchers (i.e. those working on fixed-term Institute projects, and other visiting researchers). At Laugavegur 13, there are desks for six researchers (those working on Institute projects and other visiting researchers).  

Allocation of desks

Researchers working on items in the Árnastofnun collection that are not preserved elsewhere (e.g. manuscripts) have priority over others with regard to the allocation of desks.

Post-doctoral researchers are allocated a desk for the duration of their project-grant but for no longer than three years. The same applies to other researchers who have been awarded a research grant.

PhD students are allocated a desk for three or four years (depending on the length of their programme) with the possibility of extending this by one year.

Other guest researchers are allocated a desk for periods of three to six months at a time. The application for work-space must be renewed if guests wish to continue to use their desk after this time period.

MA students who are writing a thesis on a subject that falls within the research spheres of the Institute may be given the use of a desk for one month. 

In Árnagarður, two desks are (as a rule) reserved for guest researchers on short visits.

If guests do not follow Institute regulations, or use of their allocated desk is less than 70% on average, they may be asked to give up their desk.

All researchers who wish to use a desk must apply to the librarian using the form on the website.