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Work space at Árnastofnun

The library will be closed July 8 – August 5 for summer holidays. Access cards cannot be issued during the time period. Holders of access cards are however welcome to use the work space.


Please note that the reading room for doctoral students in Edda is managed by the University of Iceland.


Rules on Visitor Access to Workspace

The reading desks in the library at the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies are intended only for those working with materials from the library's collection. The library’s materials are intended to be used only in the reading room.

A portion of the desks are reserved for individuals that typically use the desks more than 70% of the work week. Other desks are available first come first served.

Scholars may apply for a dedicated workspace for a period of three to six months at a time. Visitors may renew their application to use the workspace for a longer time.

If visitors are absent or do not otherwise use the workspace regularly (less than 70%), they stand to lose their workspace.

Scholars should apply for a workspace at the institute with the application at this link and contact the library staff who oversee the reading room and assign workspaces:


Tel: +354 839 4624